Elyse and the Aftermath latest CD

Last week I played the acoustic version of Novocaine by Elyse and the Aftermath - one of my favorite bands... and Elyse and I tweeted each other and I got to demo/play the new STUDIO version of this track from Love and Armour, they're latest.

One thing I really like about these artists... they are not "out of touch".  The mainstream artists get so above everyone that they don't see us here any more.  But indie artists are different.  Very cool people and great music.  All the indie music I played on my own gigs (stations) always went well and the artists welcome their listeners, fans and others who lend an ear to their talent.

Novocaine is a great song, musically, lyrically, to listen to. Check it out and check out Elyse and the Aftermath.  The CD is available on iTunes as well.

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