Indie Music and Artists

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A few shows ago, I featured Indie artists.  What is "indie"?  Best way I can describe, it is not mainstream.  It isn't Katy Perry or Jay-Z or Beyonce or any of the heavyweights in music.  And that's a good thing.

Indie artists and their labels want their music heard, no doubt.  They are incredibly talented.  Where some mainstream artists "borrow" their lyrics, music tracks and beats, most indie artists are solo or design their own music from the ground up.

Indie artists bring something unheard-of to the table, to radio, to our listening ears:  fresh lyrics, new blends, sometimes even instruments we haven't heard before.

The genre of indie music is mixed.  You can find anything from acapella, folk and country to pop, rock and heavy metal. 

Most indie artists are personable.  They interact with their listeners, fans and followers.  Unless you're a radio mogul or major record label exec., you won't see that interaction with a mainstream artist - you may be "conversing" with a PR rep or even the artist's fan club president.  After a concert or gig, mainstream artists jump in their Rolls, limo, or are jetting off to the next gig on their tour.  Most indie artists hang out with their fans and the public.  They are people like you and me.

As my indie collection continues to grow, I will be playing more and more of it and promoting the artists and their music as much as possible.  You can support them as well by offering feedback, following them on the various social networks and, of course, buying their music.

Tune in to my show on Slammin' Tunes.  You might hear something different that isn't mainstream.

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